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The rates on our website are subject to changes without prior notice and are valid only at the time of your quote. Cenotes Kin Ha reserves the right to book and confirm your reservation according to the climate conditions or direct changes of our suppliers.

To avoid inconveniences in our services, please printout your voucher and have it ready for our staff to check the booked service. If you want to change your booking, it is important to get a confirmation number and contact us as soon as possible.

Your reservation payment will be charged to your credit card via PayPal's account to confirm your reservation status. Please bear in mind that your charge in the billing statement will show 'Kin Ha' as the company responsible for the charge.

https://cenoteskinha.com will reserve the right to deny the supply of a service to any client at any given moment if and when it considers convenient to do so. Cenotes Kin Ha company will not assume obligation for any statements, costs or extra charges ought to personal injuries to the customer by third parties, or all situations that can caused accidents, damage to personal property, lack of enjoyment or claims over emotional and mental states such as upset, disappointment, anguish, distress or frustration, or any other damage, whether physical, mental or emotional, by any party other than https://cenoteskinha.com or its employees, mechanical failures, weather or any other circumstances beyond direct control of https://cenoteskinha.com.

The client’s failure to obtain the required travel documentation such as, but not limited to get: passport, visas and certificates, according this terms and conditions we will not be refunded also for information not provided or incorrect as well as but limited to, pickup schedules, address.

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